You’re Working Too Hard and Your Boss Doesn’t Care…

Now that might seem like quite a dramatic title… but new research has found that UK workers are working far harder than ever before. They’ll work harder if they know they can rest at the end of it.

Worse still, many employees lack confidence in their bosses and feel their boss simply doesn’t care. Almost half of UK workers feel that their boss is not sincere when it comes to listening to their views.

So why are employees working harder for a boss that doesn’t care about them?


All Work and No Play

A brand new survey of over 3,000 employees found that UK employees are exhausting themselves. The 2017 Skills and Employment Survey found that 55% of women and 47% of men said they “always” or “often” go home exhausted.

One reason for this is not being able to “switch off”, as we use technology to keep up to date with work related news. Having work emails go to your phone means you’re always connected to your job, even when you go home.

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Another reason for exhaustion is that many people are less in control of their workload. Only 38% of workers are given discretion over how they do their jobs. This lack of control leaves some workers enjoying their job less as a whole.

Most worrying of all, almost one third of those surveyed were working at high speed either all of the time or most of the time. This was mostly due to meeting tight deadlines.


Big, Bad, Oblivious Bosses

The reasons for employees working too hard comes in many forms. Those who had no fixed work hours were far more likely to be anxious and worker harder to avoid dismissal. Workers were also likely to work harder due to increased workloads and looming deadlines set by their boss.

It’s a shame to know that, from a poll of 2,000 workers, 1 in 3 felt that their boss had no idea what their job role entailed. This leaves many workers feeling unappreciated for their hard work. It can also lead to many developing mental health issues.

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Around 20% felt their boss isn’t empathetic or understanding. 25% said they didn’t feel their boss was even concerned for their well-being or happiness. How are you meant to enjoy your job when the people you work for don’t care?

So even though you may very well have a boss who doesn’t know what you do, but sets you impossible work that leads to you working too hard, the fear of losing your job or lower wages may be what pushes you to crack on (despite the exhaustion).


Feature image credit: Kaspars Grinvalds via 123RF

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