7 Reasons Why You Should Unlock Your Invoices Through Financing

Gaining additional finance for your business is not uncommon, and invoice finance services are on the increase in the UK.

There are many benefits to getting your unpaid invoices funded, below are just seven reasons why you should be using invoice finance to unlock your unpaid invoices.


Fast Access To Funding

Especially when you’re a smaller business, getting access to funds quickly is essential. With invoice finance, you can get your invoices paid as soon as they’re raised.

Unlocking 85% of the funds immediately and getting the funds within hours. So you don’t have to wait forever to get the funding you really need.


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It Doesn’t Matter If Your Have Poor Credit

As you’re not the one technically paying us, your clients’ ability to pay is far more important than your own.

You get funding for up to 85% of each invoice, leaving the remaining 15% with us as payment for fees etc. We then chase your client, not you, for payment.


Get Fully Flexible Finance

Some finance companies and banks give you very strict rules on what you can and cannot borrow and for what purpose.

Invoice finance is easy to apply for and you can get flexible terms along with finance. We are able to negotiate, unlike other sources of finance.

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Low and Affordable Fees

We want to make sure you get paid – that is our number one goal. To make sure you get the very most from your invoices we ensure that our fees remain low and affordable, so that any business can take advantage of this incredible service.

Fees are also negociable, so don’t be afraid to ask if the fees are a little high for you – we might still be able to help.


Greatly Improve Your Cashflow

Naturally, with faster funding and the ability to gain funds within days, invoice finance can almost immediately help with your business cashflow.

Not having to wait around for the funds means that there is little to no damage to business finance.

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Less Stress With Debt Recovery

Not all finance businesses offer this service, but we certainly do. Once you invoice is funded, we then take over the debt recovery of that invoice.

This means that you would no longer need to waste time chasing payments – we do it all for you. Leaving you time to run your business.


Increase The Bottom Line

If you wanted you could save money in excess of your initial amount, taking advantage of various kinds of discounts.

Bulk discounts and early payment discounts could all go towards increasing your bottom line as a business.

So, if you’re thinking about investing in a service like this, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with our incredible team.


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