This Surprising Business Marketing Statistic Will Make You Gasp…

Only 34.8% of businesses completely understand marketing. This means that a staggering 65.2% have almost no clue about marketing whatsoever!

This rather stark statistic (plus many more we’ll be looking at) comes from The 2018 Marketing Week Career and Salary Survey.  It analysed the responses of 4,154 marketers from 24 different industries in the UK.

The survey highlights the lack of knowledge about the subject within UK industries. It also highlights the lack of communication between marketers and employers.


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Marketers Versus Businesses

22.4% of marketers in the public sector say marketing is not generally understood by the rest of the organisation. This worrying statistic is then followed by the utilities sector at 22.3% and the construction/property sector at 17.5%. There is a clear lack of knowledge that needs to be seen to by many UK companies.

More than half of marketers (50.2%) believe that marketing is somewhat understood by the rest of their company. However, a concerning 13.5% believed that their employers knew absolutely nothing at all.

To put that into context, according to The House of Commons, in 2017 the UK had 5.7 million running businesses. So, although 13.5% doesn’t sound a lot, it actually equates to approximately… 769,500 businesses who don’t know anything about marketing!


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Businesses Versus Marketing

These statistics are less surprising however than you may think. according to a survey by Instant Print, 49% of small business owners aren’t sure if their marketing efforts are effective. Additionally, 14% know they’re not effective. This lack of faith and knowledge from business owners in the marketing industry could explain why UK marketers feel at a loss.

Not knowing the effectiveness stems from not knowing about the industry at all. How, as a business owner, can you measure the success if you don’t understand the results? It’s certainly something that business owners need to start learning. Especially when, since November 2016, more than 50% of internet users are on a mobile phone.


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Businesses Versus The World Wide Web

Unsurprisingly, millennial business owners come out on top. Those who do use and recognise the importance of online marketing do better than older businesses who ignore it. 3 out of 4 millennial business owners expect to see their businesses improve, according to Wells Fargo.

We no longer live in an age where you can rely solely on the Yellow Pages or even word of mouth – we, as a society, now live much of our lives online. The average adult in the UK spends nearly 9 hours of each day on media and communication, according to WIRED UK.

Whether that be using Google to find out information about a famous person (or one you’ve never heard of); using BBC News to read the latest stories or using Facebook/Twitter to talk to your friends and family – your audience is now virtual and you need to understand how to market to them or you run the risk of losing them altogether…

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