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We understand that sometimes your business need a little extra help to overcome temporary cash flow problems caused by bad debts, VAT bills or other unexpected pressures on your day to day funding. You might also want extra cash to negotiate discounts from your suppliers.

Used alongside your regular banking facilities, we are able to make decisions swiftly, giving you more financial flexibility without the difficulties of dealing with a rigid and inflexible high street bank.

If this service interests you, or you wish to learn more about it, please do not hesitate to contact us directly on 0845 468 6423 or email us at info@ccc-finance.com 

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Disclosed Invoice Finance

This service unlocks up to 85% of the invoice value, as soon as you raise them. We provide a completely tailored and comprehensive credit control process, which fits in with your needs and does not disrupt relationships with existing customers.

We can assess new customers for you and give you a guide as to their creditworthiness. This gives you a better idea of how much of your money is in their business, so you can make sure that they’re able to make payments.

CCC Finance fund across a number of industries including recruitment, distribution and manufacturing, to name but a few. Our typical loan size ranges from as little as £5,000 to as much as £1,000,000 lent at any time. 

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Customer Credit Control

We are able to use our experience to take away the awkwardness of having to ask your customers for payment. Credit control can sometimes be overlooked at busy times, especially if there is not a dedicated member of staff carrying out daily calls. 

This is why we created a service called Check Your Invoice, where fore £35+VAT you can purchase a full credit report for your customer to check their financial situation. If you’re interested in a one off snapshot credit report of your customer, please get in touch.