Not Just Making Tea: How Work Experience Turns Into Actual Jobs

This article has been lovingly created by Charlotte, a 14 year old student during work experience with CCC Finance. Below is an article created entirely by her, with a little help from our Digital Marketing Executive, Jade.

Many businesses now mainly focus on employing people over the age of 18, but what about the age gap of 14-16 and late teens? Some companies don’t even think about employing younger generations, this reflects a negative and rejective reaction to teens going into the world of work.

Actually,for a business, taking on teens for work experience can help you and them. Young people are more successful in job hunting once they have taken work experience, without the hassle of finding potential candidates. 20% of employers who offer work experience say it helps them with recruitment.

80% of companies think work experience is essential, but why not employ them?


How it Can Benefit Your Company

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You and your company want to see the potential future of the business; having someone come in for work experience allows you to see how they will actually perform in the workspace, meaning you can be prepared and really get to know them well.

Some younger employees are fantastic and professional in the interview, but on their first day of work they immediately turn into a ball of fluster and never say a word. Putting the potential employee in the environment they will be in everyday shows how they really react to different situations.

Taking on students after work experience means they have had time to outline their strengths and weaknesses during their time in the workplace. Therefore offering a better performance when it comes down to business.

53% of employers who offer work experience say its because “it provides the experience young people need”. Employers also say they can really notice the value of work experience in young people.


Job Advantages

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Work experience creates a huge job advantage for students and for workplaces, increasing the amount of potential employees you could recruit.

In fact, according to the BBC, 426,000 job applications came from 30 universities in 2013 which was double the amount as 5 years before. The rise in applications were due to people knowing what the job was really like after doing work experience.

Fewer students are taking off for travels after study because they are excited to get out to work and students know what is up against them, because of work experience.


Why Work Experience is So Important

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interestingly, 29% of employers say work experience is critical while employing, and a further 45% say it is significant.

Many employers turn down students who have a lack of work experience, and only  27% of employers offered work experience in the last year.

According to an online survey,  students with 4-5 work experience experiences are less likely to become unemployed.

This turns to a win win situation. For the employer, you would be able to trust you have a suitable and trustworthy candidate who is more likely to stay for doing well at the job.

So why not employ them?

Employing the students after work experience, or who have had previous work experience, helps your company out in many ways. Not only by knowing how the person acts and works, but making recruitment easier in general.

Get involved and get looking, there are thousands of intelligent students just waiting to become your future employees.

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