How Useful Short Term Financing Can Make You Notably More Profitable

Gaining a profit as a business is a fine art, even for those who have been doing it for years.

There’s a fine line between making money and ongoing business costs that blurs the line between profit and loss.

You can, however, use short term finance as a way to start hitting those profit margins. Below are just a few reasons why short term loans can make you profitable.


Faster Funding Means No ‘Downtime’

With short term finance you can get funds within a matter of hours, depending on the lender. The ability to gain funds in a flash means that you don’t have to worry when you hit bumps in your business.

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Quick access to cash means that you can pay for the things you need, when you need them. It also means you don’t need to forever spend your time simply paying back interest when you go overdrawn.

Here at CCC finance we fund invoices as soon as they’re raised – so you don’t have to sit on numerous unpaid invoices and slower clients.


Affordable Fees Means More Money For You

Unlike your usual bank loan, short term funding usually comes with a reasonably low interest rate and increasingly affordable fees. No shelling out money month on month to pay back a loan you may never pay off in full.

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With the fees being low, it makes it easier to pay them off every month and allows you more of your own funds to use on your business on an ongoing basis.

Here at CCC Finance, our fees are low and can be negotiated depending on the work you bring on. This flexibility means your plan is bespoke for you.


Flexibility Means You Can Easily Scale Up

Short term loans are not only fast and affordable, but they are also extremely flexible. Negotiating deals with lenders means you can get the best result for you and your business.

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Most lenders will offer a specific rate, depending on the service they offer. Others, however, will offer a flexible service that allows you to invest in what you can afford.

At CCC Finance we offer extremely low rates, but we’re still more than happy to review fees depending on your company’s circumstances – you just have to ask!


No Long Term Stress Means A Clear Business Mind

Money in itself can stress anyone out, but with short term finance you can take away many of the day to day stresses involved in running a business.

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This service allows you to gain fast funding, pay cost effective fees and adjust the loan to suit you. It also, in some cases, requires no collateral and doesn’t require a good credit history.

At CCC Finance we don’t base our service on your own credit history, we base in on your clients ability to pay. This means you’ll always be rewarded for having great clients.


If you would like to find out more about our short term invoice finance loans, simply visit our service page to find more details.

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