Christmas is only around the corner and we’re sure many of you office goers have yet to start putting up your annual office Christmas decorations. But many offices stay bare over the Christmas period, as decorations can cost a small fortune. It’s easy for the super rich, who pay people up to £4,000 up put up their decorations for them – but we’re not all made of money, right?

But not to worry, as we’ve found a few fantastic tutorials on how to create incredible decorations with something every office tends to have… paper. If you like, you can even recycle used paper to make your decorations – just make sure they don’t have confidential information on them first!


3D Paper Snowflake

These paper snowflakes look as if they would take ages to make, but they’re actually extremely simple. All you need to make them is a piece of paper, a pair of scissors, a pencil & rubber, a ruler and a stapler. These are quite commonly found in the office, but also very easily attainable if not.


3D Paper Stars

Although these stars also look very difficult, they need even less materials to create. All you need for this one is paper, scissors and some glue. This one does require a little more time and skill, but they certainly look the part and are well worth giving a go.


3D Paper Wreath

Who doesn’t like a festive wreath at Christmas? Perhaps not something you’d usually think of for the office, it’s a nice touch for any visitors who may walk through your door. For this one you’ll need coloured paper, a paper plate, scissors and glue (you’ll also need some white cotton balls if you’d like it to look all snowy). It may be quite simple, but it’s extremely effective.


Paint Chip Christmas Cards

You know when you go looking for different coloured paint and they offer sheets of sample colours for you to take home? Those cards are 100% free and they’re really handy when making your own Christmas cards! For the cards below all you need is the paint chip cards, plain card (for the card itself), glue and some scissors. If you want to add extras like glitter or snow you’ll have to buy them separate. Make wonderful cards that are great to send to well deserving clients!


Paper Trees

It wouldn’t be Christmas without the humble Christmas tree, would it? So dotting these small trees around the office is the best way to remain festive. This, much like the paper stars, doesn’t require much (only paper and scissors), but does require time and patience to get right. The best part about this decoration is that you can make it at any size, so you can make lots of small trees or go mad and make a huge one – it’s totally up to you.


What do you think about these decorations? Do you think they’re super easy or are they actually harder than they look? If you do decide to make any of these decorations, we’d love to see them! Make sure to share your results with us by tweeting us at @CCC_Finance.

Feature image credit: liligraphie via 123RF