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You’re Working Too Hard and Your Boss Doesn’t Care…

Now that might seem like quite a dramatic title… but new research has found that UK workers are working far harder than ever before. They’ll work harder if they know they can rest at the end of it.

Worse still, many employees lack confidence in their bosses and feel their boss simply doesn’t care. Almost […]

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Nearly Half of Us Fall Out Over Workplace Temperature

Summer of 2018 has certainly been a hot one. The MET office has declared it joint hottest on record (with 2006, 2003 and 1976).

With the weather has come the inevitable debate of workplace temperatures. With everyone preferring a specific temperature, it can be hard to keep everyone happy with the room temp.

The Law on […]

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The Rise of The Zombie Workforce

Of course we don’t literally mean zombies, that would be madness. What we are referring to is the worrying increase in those who decide to work, despite feeling ill or unwell.

According to the Office for National Statistics we’re taking far less days off sick, in 1993 we would take off 7.2 days sick per year. […]

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The Problem With UK Productivity in 2018

This year has been quite the economic rollercoaster. Last year we saw increases in employment and in productivity, but in 2018 we’ve already seen a downward trend.

Recent information from the Office of National Statistics shows that UK worker productivity in the last quarter of 2017 rose by 0.6%. Unfortunately, the first quarter of 2018 then […]

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Parliament Are Fighting Back Against Unjustified CEO Pay With New Plans

After the revelations of the gender pay gap in the UK, government have taken yet another step to create more equal pay among all. Plans are being put forward in parliament today to stop CEO’s from paying themselves unfairly against the average worker.

The news will be very welcome to several thousands of employees who do […]

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The Gender Pay Gap: Revealing The Astonishing Truth About UK Pay

4th April 2018 marked the day that gender inequality in the UK workplace was finally revealed. And it was far worse than we could have imagined…

Over 10,000 companies took part in the survey. 1,500 missed the deadline and more than 1,000 left it to the day before. 

It was found that a staggering amount of women were […]

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Apprenticeships: All Sides of The Story

The UK has seen its fair share of apprenticeships news stories, but many of them offer conflicting views. Some views are extremely positive and offer hope, where others remain dubious and negative towards implementation.

For example: research from Grant Thornton suggests that 77% of the younger generation think apprenticeships offer good career prospects…

Yet nearly 50% […]

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This Surprising Business Marketing Statistic Will Make You Gasp…

Only 34.8% of businesses completely understand marketing. This means that a staggering 65.2% have almost no clue about marketing whatsoever!

This rather stark statistic (plus many more we’ll be looking at) comes from The 2018 Marketing Week Career and Salary Survey.  It analysed the responses of 4,154 marketers from 24 different industries in the UK.

The survey […]

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GDPR: What Is It And Does It Affect You?

You may have heard this term floating around a lot over the past couple of months or so… But many businesses don’t actually know what it stands for or how it could affect your business. GDPR relates to data protection, so it’s important to know about it and implement anything needed within your company. Especially […]

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20% of UK Workers Earn Less Than Living Wage

How much is the real UK living wage? Currently, as of 6th November 2017, the NLW stands at £8.75 per hour (£10.25 within London). Although this is the living wage of our country, it’s not the same as minimum wage in our country. Currently min wage stands at £7.50 per hour for those over the […]

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UK September Deficit Lowest In 10 Years


Borrowing in the UK may feel like it’s on the rise, but in fact September 2017 has seen the lowest deficit since 2007. According to The Office of National Statistics, public borrowing this September reached only £5.9 billion. This is much lower than the £6.5 billion expected by City of London analysts; and 11% down […]

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Why is Invoice Factoring Good for Struggling Businesses?

Factoring is where you sell unpaid invoices to a financial company. They then give you up to 85% of the funds there and then, claiming it back through your clients, for a small fee. There are various benefits of invoice finance, especially for small to medium sized businesses. In this article we’re going to look […]

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Death By Overtime – Japan’s Skeleton In The Closet

Japan is well known for being one of the most advanced countries in the world; home to millions of incredible world-renowned businesses such as SONY and Mitsubishi. Japan and Japanese workers are also well known for being extremely hard working. But are they working a little too hard?

A Hidden Death of a Journalist
It came to […]

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