About Us

Our Company

We are CCC Finance, a financial company that offers short-term loans to UK business. We provide working capital solutions that help small and medium-sized businesses accelerate growth and achieve their ambitions.

Our company was founded by Laurence Rutter and Graham Avery and has prospered ever since. We have loaned millions of pounds to those in need and seen UK business grow and thrive, a movement we’re proud to be a part of. Of course none of this would have been possible without our dedicated team members, who you can learn more about below.

Why Work With Us


As an independent lender, we have more flexibility to offer, so we can tailor our service to match each company's individual needs


We can unlock up to 85% of an invoice as soon as you raise is

Increased cashflow

With our service, you can improve your company's cashflow

Tap into your resources

Less time chasing client payments and extra cashflow mean that you can focus on running your business