K E Y  B E N E F I T S

For Businesses:

  • Faster & more flexible than traditional sources of finance.
  • Gives your business the funding it needs, when it needs it most.
  • No ongoing fees. Cash can be advanced within 24 hours of sending us your invoice.
  • Get access to the cash tied up in your long- dated invoices.

R E C E N T  D E A L S

Recruitment Company

Construction Sector

£50,000 – Full Factoring Facility

Demolition Company

Single account facility

100,000 – Single account Factoring

Manufacturing Company

Single account facility

£100,000 – Single account Factoring


“We build strong relationships not only with our clients, but also their business partners”

Our team are always happy to speak to new introducers to add to the network of professionals who already recommend our services to their clients. As an owner-managed, independent funder, we are able to make swift funding decisions and tailor facilities to your clients’ needs, consistently exceeding their expectations.

CCC Finance also specialise in looking at more unusual business propositions that other funders may not. We do finance start ups as well as established businesses. To make an introduction, or to talk further about how we can help your clients, please contact us.


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